the frames are blank and the flowers are fuckin' dead
I'm drowning in thoughts, the time has come once again
overslept the whole day, still lying on my bed and weltering back and forth

thousands of thoughts whiz around in my head
it's hard to explain what's still growing in me
just look into my eyes for the last time
the time has come for me to rise
my mind was covered by shadows
dark forces have pulled me away for too long
the half life I follow on this railroad line
but my train has left the station for a long time
I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare
but there was no way to turn the page
issues, fears of loss, paranoia, jealousy
at some point I just wanted to run, to run away
but you didn't want to face what we have become
can you see what you've done to me and to yourself?
dead slowly I can recognize myself in the mirror again
tonight I try to forget
the frames are blank and the flowers are fuckin' dead
it's my life now I take it back
I was waiting for the problems to solve themselves
too weak to resist the fight against you and myself
the more I've searched the less I've found
this is the last time that you drag me back down
fragments of dreams
half asleep, nothing is what it seems
you let me down, you let me drown
I'm never looking back again, you got that?
I was just a mask with a crooked smile
you tried to control me for quite a while
I was on the ropes for too long
nothing left but a bitter taste on my tongue
but now I know how to hide the scars
the time has come for me to rise again