Face the truth, we are surrounded by lies
This ship will sink, never sleep with closed eyes
Don't follow those voices

A little closer to the ground
Pieces are falling and they will never be found
My belief breaks into a thousand shards
I will refuse to face defeat
Nobody wants to face the truth
The moment has come to turn the page
They said you have 
To swallow your pride and learn to adapt
But I'm unwilling to be one 
Of those who just sits back in the dark, fuck

I'll take back what was mine
Broken reality falls down on me, the world is my enemy
Am I the only one who can see through the mask?
I envy your calm, can't you see the hurricane?
No time for reproaches, I warned you again and again
Where do we want to belong to now?
Write your name on your lifeboat and follow the lifeline
Escape the squall for the last time
We'd rather live one day in this selfish world as A wounded lion than a hundred years as a controlled sheep
Leave this shit behind, no time to sleep

We climb this wall, no fears to fall
We won't give this shit up till we reach the top
I promise it will be the brightest spot
This is our target
We never stop, we never forfeit, I can not abort it
No exception to permit
Just look into my eyes, they're reflecting your 
Fear from the past few years
But this is not the end
No, this is not the end
Believe me or not but this right here is not the end
Take your place, it's time to move
Give me a knife for those ropes
Give me something to break these chains
Give me the command 
To bring the ship back on course again

Back to zero
Escape the fate, it's time to chose
Take your place, it's time to move
Back to zero
Escape the fate, it's time to chose
Rewind the past, you must approve
Raise your fist, this is your last chance
We won't turn away and turn black back to grey
And I'm sure someday the colours will visibly gleam again