1.Good, bad, what is a difference 
When you never ever seem to listen, 
Acting like a little kid. 
Cant stand your suspicion, 
Do you feel a strange situation 
Full of jealousy and dreed? 

Ref.Stop lyin Stop playing games, 
Stop lyin Stop foolin me. 

2.Please, just stop complaining, 
I really had enough of your whining, 
You will never take control. 
Why you always keep on 
Telling me you had good intentions? 
I know what is on your mind! 
I know whats on your mind baby 

Ref.Stop lyin... 

Lie intention game control 
Suspicion jealousy greed lie! 
Im tired of your lies, 

3.Dont tell me you are sorry, 
I thought that you are the only one. 
You left me with bleeding heart, 
I cant stand the rage in your eyes 
Our life has fallen to pieces, 
It is blowing up my mind, 
I cant believe I ve trusted you...