Well I remember not so long ago when I was just a kid
Getting pissed at punk gigs is all we ever did,
Drinking in the streets, fighting in the bars
We got the bruises we still got the scars
It's the price we paid for decision made
Well it's 10 years on and not a lot has changed

I got myself a guitar and nicked myself an amp
After a late drinking session we formed ourselves a band
The music might be simple and lyrics ain't too smart
Drums are out of time but it's coming from the heart
We've come a long way and got long way an got long way to go
So if you never try it you're never gonna know

We'll stick together We'll see it through
We'll stick together as long as we got you

From Poland alcohol and, to Ireland's grey streets
From Sweden full of snow to hot and sunny Greece
Walking down the streets wearing English boots
We know who we are and we're proud of our roots
This is Booze&Glory just a bunch of friends
Your round now, this party never ends!