November afternoon, it was a day I won't forget
You said you've had enough and I said u will regret
But you was bald as brass, you didn't wanna know
You settled down and became an average joe

But I hope you still remember those crazy good old days
When we all stood together side by side
And I hope you still remember us - your silly good old mates
Who got you in trouble all the time

Now that you've changed your life- like it should be
Steady job, cosy house and a happy family
Is this what you've been waiting for, is this what you dreamt about
I might see you at a gig someday if you're still allowed

So now you're under the thumb- she is in charge
Think, that me and the boys still have it large
We won't end up in heaven, we're going straight to hell
We miss you mate and hope you're doing well