There were a lot of things in his touch; sometimes the 
slightest whisper could hurt so much
Could feel him coming nearer
His little noises and such

And then my man
Would lay his hands on me
He might touch me the way a man should sometimes
Bring me to passion that only he could
Answers on earthly
When ever he would

When my man would lay his hands on me
All the kindness and protection
The tenderness and the care 
When he was happy goodness me
But then when he was scared
Those hands they took on a life undid
They where vicious and they where small
But big enough to keep this woman's back against the 

Lord, I didn't ask for it
Not the love or anything else
Not that you spent in the world a man
That only loved himself

I didn't ask for it
But god it is my now
Those hands are in my mind and soul
But lord it is you and me that make their power

I will pity that beautiful man
And lord I will bless his pants (parents?)
We where both just one day children
And a love that they got didn't last

There's a lot of things in Lord your touch
Sometimes your slightest whisper moves me so much
Your grace and your forgiveness 
a whole world of such
When you, you lay your hands on me

Yes when you Lord rest your gentle hands on me