Heading down the freeway, just outside L. A. I was coming back with a friend of mine We'd been cruising 'round all day, yeah yeah yeah
We were just getting started to move when the lights came down from behind They never told us what we had done but we're lying on the ground 'What about our rights?' I said, he said 'Not here in this town'
Chorus: Shake down - with the gods that show no mercy Shake down - somebody called the devil ... and he's got the gun
People just kept on driving like it happens every day Sweat and blood running down my face But there was nothing I could say, no no no
We couldn't move, we were scared to death but we were doing what we could Going down somebody said 'Another night in Hollywood'
Chorus (2)
I never knew crime was so exciting TV cops and movie stars Don't you think it's gone so far?
Shake down (3)
(Spoken): Shake you down