Another Saturday night down at the ramp
Toss me another coke dude
Look off into the night
Holy crap it's a zombie attack! 
Late at night I wouldn't go out alone
You're not safe, not even in your own home
Better say your prayers it's all you can do
They've come from the grave and they're coming for you! 
Zombie attack! feasting on brains
Zombie attack! totally insane
While suburbia sleeps the moon rises high
When midnight strickes it's time t die
A nation of undead coming through your town
Better fuckin' hope they don't find you around
Vengeance on their mind, they're out for blood
Cross your path and you're all done
Better keep your eyes peeled or they'll take you by surprise
Better watch your back 'cause it's a zombie attack! 
Here come the zombies to ruin the session
Carvin' the pipe like a gnarly hessian
The undead comes to rule the earth
But the brigades here to protect our turf
Run to the hills, can you endure
Gotta escape the zombie massacre
Flames shoot from beneath my board
The wheels of fire stopped the zombie hoard