Danger been steppin' in
I'm happy as I've ever been
Couldn't tell you what the cadence is
It's folded in the evidences?
So you wanna leave a mark?
You're honing in on meadowpark
I heard you guys are very safe
Caught up with the featherweights

The dawn is rising
The land ain't rising
Flash hope
Pass the throw

Comin' in very late
Just above our pay grades
You ask me not to pull alarms
We have to act our ages

The dawn is rising
But the land ain't rising
Catch up
You wanna go the fast way?

Bonded weights
Don't favor them
If it's all that you don't do
It's lacerate
Better let them pass away

Stay, go?
Better that you find a new way
Before my eyes
Couldn't learn it any other way
By the way