Big, old, cold and lonely city
Once I've thought you're pretty
But now you're not pretty anymore
Your tall buildings, flashing neon signs
Captured every dream of mine
And I came knocking on your heartless door.

I had visions of success
Planned my wealth and happiness
Can't we safely say I've been a fool
Like a fool I thought you had a heart
You tore my thoughts and dreams apart
Oh, cold and lonely city you've been cruel.

I fell in love, you watched me fall
I married in your City Hall
Couldn't hold your city girl
That wanted your big city world.

My best was just not good enough
I must admit you were too much
Concrete hearts are hard and cold as ice
Now I'm a going back where I should be
To mom and dad 'cause they love me
You cold and lonely city, it's been nice...