Weapons engaged
The satellites have their position
the threat is imminent
we have proof and probable cause
strike and we shall be victorious

Let the killing begin
here's where the killing begins

your orders are clear to search and destroy
leave nothing alive
women and children are collateral damage
in keeping them nothing can be gained
to destroy them is no loss at all

let the killing begin
here's where the killing begins
no there aint no hope
there is no feeling left in this heart of stone
and so it goes, set to explode
we are the killing machine set to unload

we now reserce the right to envade your homes and
seize your properties, and search your persons at will
meanwhile your ports are a gaping hole
the casualties will be enormous

now that you're surrounded
and cut off from all support
the nemesis rises as the targets acquired
and you look upon the sky and pray
to the gods above