Oh honey I wait for you in the dark
Oh honey I feel the beat of your heart
Oh honey I'm craving for you
Oh honey I'm sure you knew
Oh honey don't cry in the shade
I fade and it's too late

You don't really need to cry
Heaven's for the loving ones
I take your life, I take your soul
And love you till your pain is gone

Oh honey don't trust me, don't hate
Oh honey can't save me - it's too late
Oh honey your sweet taste I will miss
Oh honey receive my deadly kiss
Oh honey can't protect you from me
Oh honey my pain - you can´t see

No god in heaven, my bloodless angel
I see tears run from your heart
I count the strokes of your fading heartbeat
I lick the flames of your fading heat
In my torture I don´t know mercy
I am blessed with insanity

Oh honey I kiss you, your dead lips
I kiss you, just a short bliss
A war is fighting in my breast
Not human, no god, I´m fatally blessed
Where is the sun, where is the light
I am the bride of the weeping night
The night never ends, my lips drop red
I live forever but I am dead
I am doomed and blessed forever
I feel the pain ever and ever

No one there to save my heart
I am standing in the dark
See the tears run from your heart
I am waiting in the dark
No one there to save me