As I get home at 6AM gone out to work all day 
With me boots on me feet and me cap on me head 
In bed I would I could stay 
Cause I'm too old to spend my time shifting sods and clay 
And the wife won't give me what I want cause I'm so old and grey 
For a wack of the widdle a widdle a wack 
A widdle a wack all day 
For a wack of the widdle a widdle a wack 
I'll widdle my life way 
As I get home from saving the hay my arms and legs do say 
Sit down you drunk put your arse on the stump and get stuck in the tea 
With the wife on me back and the kids all brats screaming in my ear 
Go on you old git you're full of shit you won't last out the year 
Well I'd seen it all my cup was full and I walked out the door 
And I sold my house and I sold my land and I never saw them no more 
Now I lie all day in the Spanish sun with a girl on either side 
If I'd have stayed I'd never get laid it's there I would have died