You said you found intensity so sublime 
And that he seemed so different from all the rest 
But then he went and said you were out of line 
Because you wore a t-shirt without a vest 
And now he calls your office ten times every day 
He's asking what you're doing and who was about 
It always ends in silence with nothing to say 
Then he gets so tense that he starts to shout 
Because Frank's a psychopath all the time 
He spends his whole life running away 
Frank's a psychopath change his mind 
Cos if you can't I'd say we're all gonna pay 
You used to say I never showed you respect 
I didn't give attention to all your needs 
So when you walked away you had no regrets 
But now you feel like biting this hand that feeds 
Because he shows up drunk and on drugs every night 
He's asking who you've been with and where did you go 
He's got a hundred reasons for starting a fight 
I know it's mean to gloat but I told you so 
You used to boast that he was your true destiny 
But now he hates your friends and he wants you to choose 
I know it sounds so smug but I think you should see 
That a love like this could be hard to loose.