I wondered why she looked so lonely 
And I wondered why he was not by her side 
After a while I chanced to ask her 
He's feeling so bad she said I don't know why 
They took him off last week to the hospital 
He was a danger to himself they said 
Something went wrong so deep inside his him 
Now I'm like a stranger standing by his bed 
Still she wonders where he goes 
wonders why and how 
But even her love can't reach him 
Even her love can't reach him 
Even her love can't reach him 
The way he's feeling now 
What could it be that takes him so far away 
So far inside himself where he can hide 
I watched him fight this as it dragged him down 
Into a place so dark and cold she cried 
She looked so tired and strained as she spoked to me 
I looked for words to say to ease her pain 
Still we both knew he'd come through this once before 
And we just hoped he'd do the same again.