All your life you tell me that you've felt the same 
C'mon I think it's time to plass the blame 
On the shoulders of someone and you that someone is you 
Cause the time is right and right now there's nothing better to do 
Oh baby you know it's gonna be alright 
Oh baby you know that it's called life 
Don't go far 
It doesn't have to be this way 
Don't go far 
Although there's nothing left to say 
Don't go far 
You know I don't care anyway 
If you go just please don't go today 
Well c'mon now girl what's wrong with you tonight 
Just because I'm wrong doesn't always mean that you're right 
I've tried to do all the things that you asked me to do 
But I've got to admit it doesn't seem like I'm getting through 
In this drunken state I can't go home so what am I gonna do 
It never meant a thing until I heard it meant something to you