I dont know why she goes
Its been this way for years and nobody knows
I'm not going to try to find out why
Why she runs off out in the middle of the night.

Then one day i heard her say
"Now, come with me boy. Follow me this way..
I'll take you to a place along the way
and youre never going to be the same."

(Let's Go) To the Cemetery. x3
Let's Go!

Now we both hang out there
Some people dont understand
I guess theyre scared
But in the cemetery's where we escape
Because the dead don't treat us bad or call us names.

Yeah, you might find it strange
But I just cant find the time to explain
Among the tombstones sitting in the rain
We feel no pain. NO PAIN.

(Let's Go) To the cemetery x3
Lets Go!

My home.