We find our faith in the damnedest place, 
The thin line between love and hate, 
Sold it all for a shot of hope, 
So you can't feel but you can cope, 
Although you know that it hurts, 
They can't make it any worse, 
You can't break a broken soul, 
Warm heart that's turned cold.

Here it comes again, 
That familiar feeling, 
Almost taste like hate, 
Live in my own strange way, 
Like being stuck in the dark, 
Cause I'm never there to see it fall apart.

On the long road finding, 
Means to an end, 
Here we fucking go again.

Believing left me empty handed 
Stuck with a heavy heart, 
Unraveled and fucking broken, 
I'm just trying to play it smart, 
Dazed in the past 
Forced to die alone, 
I'm headed downhill fast,
To parts unknown.