12:00 on the dot
Woke up and stretched
Filled with provocative thoughts
They say every day you wake up's a good thing
Caught my breath exhaled, inhaled, that's a positive start
1:00 reminiscin' on how time flies
Still a bachelor that's looking for that prime time wife
Need a cheering section that'll make them pom-pom's fly
Cause this kitchen's looking lonely as a wonton's fry
2:00 realized the mistakes were mine
Ask God for a plane then I look to the sky
Then he sent me a boat while I'm askin' him why
The plane hasn't come yet the boat's passin' me by
3:00 took it all in and looked at my life
My homie said he'd trade his for a second wit' mine
All the travelin' and accolades, stages in life
But the grass is always greener when you on the other side of the hourglass

Now it's 4:00pm call my other homie up to see what's good wit' him
Still doing the same shit he did from way back when
Never do we speak of change, I don't want to offend
5:00 suddenly I saw myself in him
Guess I'm talking to myself when I judge and condemn
When I see my people do good I'm nudging them in
The right direction
Although on the low I'm guzzlin' gin
Got a call from my doctor at about 6:10
Told me health is not an option anymore
Just then
Realized I'm getting older
Life is not forever soldier
At some point you gotta grow up 'fore it all just end
7 is my lucky number I was born on ten
77 d I'm healthier and makin' amends
Every lesson ever taught to me I'm takin' it in
Every moment is a miracle created within
The hourglass

Now it's half past 8
People don't got a lot of hope these last past days
Can there be a revolution when no carnage awaits
Can we lock into the spirit can we harness the grace
9:00 sun is gone only stars and space
Don't know where the time went but with a pen and pad
And beat I'll follow time and space
Cause nothing is forever
Only thing that's constant: change
You'll never relive yesterday you can't rewind this tape
It's 10 on the dot
Did you utilize the day today and give all you got?
Did you live a little bit or are you living a lot?
It's 11:00
The sand is driftin' about the hourglass