Ayo Vurs told Jumbo and Jumbo told me:
(Word is it's poppin' over on Bourbon Street
Now I'm about to dip, maybe find me a treat)
Aight me too, let's meet back around 3
It was the crew and me
We down in New Orleans
It's ten o'clock, the night is young
We bout to do our thing
Far as the eye can see it's people
Lots of brew and beads
We celebratin' it's a party poppin', true indeed
Met about 2 or 3
Fine ladies who would be
Movin' hips to all the rhythms very beautifully
This really suited me
Maybe a few would be
Liftin' their shirts revealin' flesh for all of you to see
Hunger's moving me
Time for a food to eat
I have some alligator and some rabbit stew with leeks
I'm moving lucidly
I'm feelin' stupid free
I get a call I'm wondering "yo, who could this be?"

(It's Jumbo, man, what's poppin' with you, how you doin', G?
Yo, I heard about this spot tonight if you are D..
O-W-N to go through I heard the do it B..
I-G I'll see you there at midnight, holla later, peace)

I'm feeling crazy geeked
This is the way to be
I'm dancin' in the public view, all of the ladies see
Maneuver through the scene
Flowin' so fluidly
Long as I live I won't forget that night in New Orleans

Oh what a night
We make the most of every moment
Oh what a night
So amazing

Ayo, Jumbo told Gab, and Gab told me:
(Word is it's poppin' over on Bourbon Street
Yo, I'm about to dip, go and find me a treat
Yo, Vurs don't be late, let's meet back around 3)
Alright y'all
Mardi Gras, New Orleans, round nightfall
Full moon, French Quarter
I heard the tales of the city of veilsWhere the nights are (mirage and embracin' the bizarre[?])
Four divas on Ducatis rolled up kamikazi
The leader in leather stretchin' out a hand to grab
In a flash we burned ground ten miles out of town
She had a fleet of helicopters on the landing pad, boom!
Within minutes we all on Mount Driskill
Overlooking the summit, there's more than 600 people
Waiting to burst. The party shaking the Earth
Men and women in white linen all screaming when I walked in
And the host, former Forbes cover billionaire
Was a Lifesavas fan, found out we was there
Shook my hand and said, "You're the guest of honor, old sport
Sorry for the theatrics, but I had to act quick
Tonight anything you want, just ask
And if you play a couple songs, I can pay you in cash"
And as I reached to call Jumbo, I could hear him up close
Sayin' (Vurs you here too? Let's give 'em a little dose)
(Oh what a night)
While the crowd unifies and fireworks illuminate the sky
An amazing ride
You couldn't beat the price, man
Miracles never cease in life

(Now Gab told Vurs, and Vurs told me:)
Yeah, word is it's poppin' over on Bourbon Street
I'm about to dip, maybe find me a treat:
(alright, me too I'll be back around 3)

Big brother G-A-B was stylin' major
Vursatyl said, "Jumbo make a movie"
So I thought about a style with a Kool Aid smile
Word up, my crew already knew it
Now you know you're gonna stress
Shorties wanna sex
Xcel was gettin' live on the 2 decks
You been begging and crying for somebody's
Rhyming to set you free
For God so loved the world so he gave you three
MCs that do it too greasy
Tell you 'bout the night we blew the Big Easy
Dip off stage for some good Creole eatin'
Complements of (Brook Billion[?]) over in VIP
Mardi gras beads, he bow tie invested
Meet up at Tipatina's at 3, he suggested
The streets now
Balconies are crazy crowded
Flash to Vurs sayin'
Next bucket list outin'WHO THAT, WHOT THAT
Whole House of Blues screaming
That's my Quannum crew teamin'
A dime caught feelings
Now I'm schemin, look
You had to be there to get my meaning