Sentimental energy the rhythm is a little freedom
For the city in the streets I fell a little bit of heat
They ridiculed the weak they never really getting sleep
I'm clever with it silly people I'm forever going to reek
Having me feeling like this is elementary
For an elevated celebrated decorated G on this beats
Never waiting forever fail them C's
Tell them 87's grey and in hell and can't even speak
Say my name my name my name
I make you say the play rhymes with
The way a second grader looks with a paper and a crayon
As I peek I relax into a state of wake and sleep
And I never show no signs of giving up on the streets
Then another fella telling a hell of lyric for his follow
And get a little bit of hell because if you are ever willing to
To be better than the Alpha melon terror instigator
Dwelling in the middle of the elevated melon and propelled OG

Alpha and omega from the beginning to the end
The first the last present and the past
The future say again
Alpha and omega from the beginning to the end
The first the last present and the past
The future say again

A flow addictive like heroin hard to maintain your girl
Show no shame she only want to bang bang dog
Understandable the way we slang things
Big bang theory we clearly guilty of killing them all
Punks down to one so I'm cutting the nothings
Into to small chunks and the base drop it like a rock
They been beheaded for what they said was legit
And for that they got their head inconsiderately chopped off
Sorry everyone they wanted like John Daddy talk shit
Be the next body to shout about this shotty burnt hot
Cause I be corrupt rupt or will be the part of the days
Of the taurus faster than ferrari keep up
The little money it's like chop chop karate
Work you out like polati
Body's beating don't move your body
Cause the DJ spinning and surfing on some
For east prince anonymous of the quality
Quantum apocalypse

Quantum is the monitor the rap curved mannequin
Japanese Jewish and Italian call me writer
Sumari with the yamaka and salazar
Though full you with hopes like a calendar or caliger
Charlie Manson meets Carlton and Handson meets Jim
Handson meets Carton meets Manson
Oh question incidentally what does any of you knows how
To do this independently but from Burkley stock I ain't
Working stocks you got something for me baby
Invested in ideas to change the world an entrepreneur
Out of the best there is in the world that's a crap of manure
Don't push the button
Turning in my sleep I got rockets in my pajamas
Still rocking them obnoxious still arriving unconscious
Still bossing still running the projects