Don’t even ask how do high feel
Ask how do I feel, prolly how the sky feel
Jokers come in sideways like a side field
The grapes are raft in the twine like vine still
Psychically I’m ill, walking through a mine field
With a straw stickin out a molotov cocktail
21 grams of souls on a rock scale
Probably burn like flamin coals on a hot grill
Yo if the actin life is absolutely not real
Then you diminished and you’re finished
It’s a done deal
Beyond that, my heartbeat is like a drum still
It’s like I’m living on a run with the gun still
Well bring the ammo that, heater taking care of that
Cause these words get it against birds and candlewax
It’s all stuck inside of your head like it’s arrowwax
Whole scene something outa hollywood, miramax
Hush, yo don’t nobody say a flockin word
Just put the sign on the door, the do not disturb
I’m bout to show these people how to kill a mockin bird
You hit this whole network like mark zuckenberg
Yo witness is confirmed when gunshots occur
Apparently the trigger man smoke lots of urb
And he can bring it to minds, disguise that’s the word
But guaranteed that be the last one you ever heard
You deaf, dumb and blind, I’m in for size like I’m underline
My definition is I’m undefined, cause I’m one of a kind
At the top of the line, at the top of the food chain when it come to the rhyme
And I’m cynical, cause I’m at the pentacle
Jokers is ridiculous, they the ones I ridicule
If somebody acting like they want it, I’ma get it do
Have em in the middle of the drama like a inner lude
Yeah that way you buck 10, so … often
Yo I don’t need new friends, I don’t trust them
You best keep a weapon like a shirt tail
Tucked in, because I’m taking the ends out like puc fin
These new just in, mass destruction boy
Presented to you by black inc production, yeah
Righteous hustling, trife corruption, 
Look how these og’s with the mikes is musclin
And I fight for justice but minus the red cape
Dollar short, yeah lame suckers is scared straight
They know I’m hotter than a box with a bread bake
In broad day, period to… red tape, yeah main
Yeah main, yeah the rage is back, yeah the rage is back
Come on, yeah the rage is back yo, the rage is back
Yeah the rage is back