We go up, we go down
We go round, we go round
Come and take a look at our life
We go up, we go down
We go round, we go round
Come and take a look at our life
Ride the rollercoaster (HEY)
Ride the rollercoaster (HEY)
Ride the rollercoaster (HEY)
Of life
Ride the rollercoaster (HEY)
Ride the rollercoaster (HEY)
Ride the rollercoaster (HEY)
Of life

Through all the ups and downs, town to town, city to city, holy ground
Though I have milky way, silking it like Doug and Dave
Westside feel me, when we play, what's the dealeo?
Silly to try Bizzy, he's a pistol packing, is he? no
Better believe it, leave it, heat it, be it, it's nothing but a thug thing
Buck Buck, what the fuck? baby boy's blessing me
Reeping the while, bless to the pile, shine in your glory
No faces, no stories, they saints, and we'll go or we
There'll be heavy mortems, maximum Lay and B, they'll be smashing em
Ghetto fashions, unfassen your eyes, sing on the acranum
Casting them demons out of us, crowding to see what's found in us
Rationalize the movement, keep grooving and moving sounding us
Rounding us, unprofounding us, mounding us, still pitches
Pitchers, quicker, swifter, bounty hunters are witches
Through the ups and downs, round for round, now I live with Christ
Yes, this is the second God and praise God for life

Now where do we come from, hollow point mixed with dum dum
Ride on the level with the rhythm I'm rocking, shh, nobody can stop it when we deeply come
Now better get your money mayne, better get your dollar dollars
Gotta get down for my thang, cause that rain will litterally leave you swallowed
Pound for pound, round for round, outta my mind now
Huh, I don't know the time, the lord is with you, you can shine now
Grind now, climb now, trigger got me pow pow
Lil' Lay it's going down, you should bust your rhyme now

Look at us, breaking up to make up, when it occurs, it all seemed tragic
Maybe it's a blessing in disguise cause man them boys are back at it
It's like magic, christ with passion, tribulations is fasting
Now the whole world thugging and bugging, to the music that's clashing
Through the static, sometimes speratic, some days when I'm lacking
I fall down but I get up and I can still get it cracking
Give me action, some satisfaction, a couple moments of laughing
You know the ones that get me through this precious life that I'm passing

We suffer and struggle through many of things, I'm counting my blessings, fulfilling my dreams
I treasure my life and the love that it brings, I give it all up to my heavenly king
Know what I mean? riding and rolling, my hands in the air, when I'm moving, I'm coasting
I'm leaving a legacy, where they toasting, ten toes on the Earth, I'm posted
And I come from America, mass hysteria, niggas be caught in the scandal
It's the land of the free, but baby believe me, they're quick to make an example
Mike Vick got his contract cancelled, T.I. tried to buy protection
But where was the push on Bush, I think the president stole the whole election
Then they took our children to war, they over there fighting for oil
America's so damn spoiled, gotta make sure my tempers don't boil
Damn right, I'm a ride for the war, until they even the score
Ya'll better just open the door cause we coming to kick it in, wanting some more