One two, one two
You're listenin to the grand groovin sounds
Of the diabolical energetical B-I-Z
And this goes out to my DJ
The cutmaster that no one cuts faster than
C-double-oh-L V
Drumroll V

It's a different kind of sound that's in the air
It's not shots, firecrackers, or a car that's there
A little different noise for your listenin' pleasure
A sample from a record that's a four bar measure
Adults think this music is just a big headache
They think all this hard work, is just a piece of cake
They must be buggin', right out of they socks
Why don't they get up and try to do, the human beatbox
'Cause back in the days when there was just block parties
A DJ would set up his equipment, and start these
live performances, and DJ tricks
A lot of different DJ's was on the mix
It is a proven fact, music is a universal language
From the tip of Long Island to the Verrezano Bridge
We won awards and served them by the millions
The more more years go by, the more we be killin' 'em
They said it's just a fad, it will never last a year
All of a sudden, ten years later "I hear music"

"I hear music"

Cool V, give me a drum roll

I can't believe how hip-hop has progressed
With more and more groups that have finesse
We have groups on the East and West coast with different names
We all play a part if we didn't we'd go in flames
We all got to stick together as one
But at the same time, still have fun
'Cause you don't wanna lose the love for the music
When you have it keep it, and make use of it
This is a lesson from the S-K Biz
'Cause nobody else is gonna tell you like it is
Everyone thought that rap was just a phase
But it still continue, to muse and amaze
It gives people chance to show they true talents
Instead of submittin' to the crime and violence
People said to me the S-K-B
Is rap gonna stay until infinity?
As long as me and V be makin' up the beats
You will hear people sayin' "I hear music"

Cool V, give me a drum roll

This is the ending, conclusion, kapiche?
Of this new hip-hop masterpiece
About people countin' chickens before they're hatched
Recollatin' on somethin' that they can't match
They're creatin' sounds of a hip-hop human bein'
Whether you're American or European
Or even if you're from the West or East coast
I'd like to thank all of you, save the most
Don't diss each other by sayin' who's better
Just do it the best way, and stick together
With different rhyme techniques and DJ cuts
And be crazy ambitious, and have a lot of guts
And the people buyin', thanks for your support
Cause if it wasn't for you, we'd all fall short
As long as there's radio, cars and jeeps
You know what you will hear?

What, what?  What, what what what what?
Yo V, yo yo what what what what what what what you hear?
I can't hear you man, scratch it up one mo' time!
Yo what you hear?
Yo Paul Sea, yo yo, what wha-what you hear?
Yo Godfather D, I ain't hear what he said, what you hear?