In the Beartooth Mountains where the twin peaks touch the sky 
There's a homemade cabin out of sight from tourists' eyes 
And inside lightin' up a fire to fight the cold 
Lives a miner's daughter with a heart as pure as gold 
She's as gentle flowin' as the sweet grass on the plains 
And I need her lovin' like the forest needs the rain 
Like a rollin' river she just swept my heart away 
Now I'm out here driftin' when I know I should've stayed 

Oh, that west wind is callin' in skies of turqoise blue 
And the creek is still runnin' like quicksilver dew 
She was all that I needed, why did I ever leave? 
Oh, her voice voice on the westwind is still callin' me 

There's a cold wind blowin' through this mountain pass tonight 
As I hold her memory to my heart it don't seem right 
Just an empty cabin with a lock left on the door 
Now I realize that I've lost the girl for sure 
So I went up to Red Lodge to see if they might know 
All the townfolk said that she left sometime ago 
She just up and married with a nice young city man 
I was a fool to let her slip right through my hands