Put on your best new dress, 
And let your hair hand down 
Leave behind that kitchen mess, 
We're going out on the town 
I'll put my new boots on, 
Brush off my hat 
And like the wind we're gone 
Can't do better than that 

And then we'll dance the blues, 
Dance the blues, 
Dance the blues away 
Tonight is yours and mine 
Like old times, 
Lets dance the blues away 

I asked you for your hand 
Seven yeas gone by 
Back when we used to dance 
Let's give it one more try 
Each day brings new romance 
That our hearts can't hide 
Under the moon you'll dance 
In my arms tonight 

Out in this crazy world 
Things can go wrong 
I've got one and only girl 
And we're still going strong