Hi honey, I'm workin' late again tonight
Yeah, I just called so you'd know
Liars one, believers zero

Hello baby, can I buy you a drink
Am I married? haha, heavens no
Liars two, believers zero.

I see the look in her eyes
And I know that she believes
Before the night is over
She'll give herself to me.

I'll hold her close and I'll kiss her lips
Tell her I love her so
Liars three, believers zero

Hey honey, I'm home I had to work all night
With the job like mine that's how it goes
Liars four, believers zero.

But wait she's not here
She's gone with all her things
She found she couldn't beat me
So she started her own game.

I've checked the house and I've called her friends
Where she's gone nobody knows
Believers one, liars zero
Believers one, liars zero...