Way back tale
In nineteen hundred and ten
The monkey and the baboon
They came walkin' in

The monkey told the baboon
Let's shoot a game of pool 
The monkey could shoot
But the baboon wadn't no fool 

Next thing came along
Was a little mule
He say, 'You know I'm so mad
I even can't wear no shoes'

Next thing came along
There was Mr. Cat
We ain't gon' have no such-a stuff
Goin' on here like that

Next thing came
Was a little mouse
'Let's all get drunk 
And break up the doggone house'

Can't ya re-ead?
Now, can't ya re-ead?
If ya keep on readin'
I'm bound to put you wise 

Well, the monkey and the elephant
They went out for a little drive
The elephant hit the monkey
Right square in his eye

The monkey looked up
With a tear in his eye
Said, 'Look-a-here big boy
You oughta get someone yo' size

One a these days
I'm gonna climb yo' tree
Remember big boy
You got to march right under me

When you march under me
You better march careful and fast
I get me limb and break it
Cross yo' ~

Now, can't you re-ead
Now can't you re-ead
If you keep on readin'
I'm bound to put you wise

If anybody jus' happen to ask'd you
Where the waitin' gonna be?
Tell him right down there on
Hazen Street

Go down there 
Just about the end of the week
You can get most anything
That you care to eat

If you don't like shrimp
Just na-ame yo' dish
They will even sell you
Some a-that ol' filtie fish

Now, can't you re-ead?
Now, can't you re-ead?
Now, if you keep on readin'
Mama, I'm bound to put you wise

'Yeah, play it Mr. Maceo'

Well, fifteen cents
You know that's reg'lar price
If you got two bits
They will even serve you twice

Can't you re-ead?
Now, can't you re-read?
If you keep on readin'
I'm bound to put you wise.