From my ankle to the top of my head
I've taken my chances hah, I could have been dead
I started climbing from the bottom oh yeah
All the way to the top ah huh
Before I knew it-I was up there
You believe it or not
Thankful thoughtful
Oh something gets me, hah, put my head on tight
Because I know the future everything'll be all right
Until then I'll kick back and let the light shine
Remember all yours coulda been all mine
That's why you ought to be thankful
Hah, hah, you ought to be thoughtful
Middle of stream, hah, I had to change my stroke
I say I put it on the good foot And it ain't no joke
They said I was dyin' I didn't want to go
I kept on feelin' I had to live some more
I had somethin' to tell y'all
To be thankful you oughta be thoughtful
Still rectifying, straightening things out
I know what a good feelin' you're never in doubt
Sometimes I'm by myself- feelin' alone
I just look around and check it out And then it's all gone
I'm still happy to be here
Thankful you oughta be thoughtful
Count your blessings
My Momma gave me a song And said Son sang
Record thankful and thoughtful, be such a nice thang
People got to be reminded where it's really at
Make your Daddy happy Momma likes it like that
You know I know you know I know
I'm thankful you know I'm thoughtful