That’s where things end again, under the serpent’s call
On this majestic piece of wood 
Covered with the spilled blood of a lifetime
Let me be a martyr

Defiled by the lamentations of the unwanted
Silent screams keep on breaking the peace inside
The echoes of the void… 

This empty envelope promised to decay
Glorification of weakness through the years
Made me taste the absence of the one
I invite darkness inside

Rise, pathetic prison of flesh
Watch me becoming a martyr
Rise, poetical smell of death
Drowning into the banality of evil
Martyr, martyr

Let the needles pierce and violate my arms
I am no longer here and still they stare at me I feel alone and I want them to leave
Contaminating the cells, slowing down my thoughts
Disincarnated, floating above my cadaverous condition

Their poison is sweet and insidious, delicious…
Locked up outside 
The stench invading the room
It was just the eyes of the serpent, shining again in the dark…
It was just another perfect day…
It was just my time to…