Tell me the right end fed by our hate 
Driven by my fate habits of today 
Hi-tech machine, just controlled by some hands 
Forgive the feelings, desire, my end. 
By a bleeding hand. 

I fight in silence, I do it in the name of mine 
Searching for the piece lost in their painful dreams 
Breathing under black water, hidden behind a face 
Illusion of a day, gloomy is the sky. 

Mountain of life, tears of hate laying under the eternal lie 
Fire of light, I am now ready to die 
And born again. 

What I become is now what I used to feel 
Take my visions, feel and leave your body 
Escape the mind sorry for what you see 
Immortal sin visions of what's the becoming. 

Here you will die by fire 
Cry, no escape for the curse of your life 
Die for them 
Die by a hand, bleeding 
Live for them 
Sacrifice all your dreams for ideas 
Nothing is real. 

I break the silence and the long way 
I forgive and I hang my destiny 
Dumb is the soul, fire and flames surrounding my body 
I cannot breath too much dust feelings away. 
Sounds of the night I can't describe fear inside 
I am the necrobutcher of what I am. 

Thunder falling from the red sky black lightening 
Long trip for desire. 
I am crawling under evil of hell 
Heaven upside 
I die alone, into the ground, death against a new desire 

I'm knocking my chains, sound of the night 
Lost breath of hope in the burning cry 
I cannot accept the right of living 
I'm touching my head, sound of the night 
I am my own pain burning inside 
I cannot accept the right of living. 

Goddess dressed in the flames gives me this sin of life 
Spirit blessed inside me for this lie 
Eternal lie creating about a destiny 
A new world ordering growing inside of mine. 

I stand up for my rights but I don't want to give 
My soul rising from an unknown place 

It's killing for me my fate and they can't see this crime 

Whispers, no light, shadows in the endless night 
I am dancing with angels to celebrate 
Sounds of sorrow my soul breaks up in the dark 
I am what the human machine creates 
Dust in the night I create this fear inside 
I am the butcher in glory of fate. 
Give me a new soul flowng in veins 
Driven by a fate over the lies you told before 
I'm a new man rising from ashes of life 
From a great desire, I find light into the dark.