When I did what I was told I thought I’d be 
 A better person than what I turned out to be
 Sacrosanct in the sacred society
 What’s working for you
 Wasn’t working for me
 Now I live each day as if it were my last
 Learning lessons from the sins of futures past
 Death rattle shaking there’s a knock at the door
 Laid out on the floor

 Now I wait, at the gate
 Now I wait at the final gate

 Tell me what my fate is as I stand at the gate?

 You’re the rebel when you stood on mountains high 
 Sentimental now that it’s your time to die
 In the middle of your precious plans and schemes
 It’s looking to me
 Like they don’t mean a thing
 Never gave a thought of what you put them through
 Never stopped to think the problem came from you
 Grim reaper calling I think you know what he’s after
 Hanging from the rafters

 Now you wait
 Moon is full, stars are bright, seems like the fates have aligned
 Now you wait At the final gate
 Sun is high, cloudless sky, looks like a good day to die

 The walls are closing in don’t know where to begin
 As I wait at the gate
 The bell it tolls for me, tell me how this can be, as I wait, as I wait at the gate.

 Now I wait at the gate
 Now I wait at the final gate
 Moon is full, stars are bright 
 Seems like the fates are aligned 
 Sun is high, cloudless sky 
 Looks like a good day to die
 Hello your life is calling and now your skies are falling.