We're still breathing and our heart are beating
Surrounded by death we are alive
Devastated, desolate
In the middle of all this death
Here we are still alive, still alive
Still alive with nothing and no one around

Everything and everyone is just a memory
Now it's only you and me
Is this the end
Or is this where we begin
Only you and me, only you and me

I would be here with you right now
Even if there would be no tomorrow
We will find our Eden somehow
Wherever you go I will follow
Everything else just fades away
All I want is to be in this moment
This is where I want to stay
Here with you, with my heavensent

Only time will tell - Time will tell
If we will find our heaven in this hell
Any hour, any minute, any second might be our last
If today is the only day we have together
We have to make it enough to last forever