When I'm out there in a storm, pray for me
When the cold won't keep me warm, pray for me
When I'm tossed across the ocean, if you get the notion
To be my special angel, pray for me
Oh, and in my darkest hour, pray for me
Like the rain falls on a flower, pray for me

I know the Lord, he does renew, 
When the right words come from you
He will surely listen, please pray for me
I'm just an old lost soul it seems, pray for me
Hoping to be redeemed, pray for me
I'm just a pilgrim who has strayed, with so much debt to pay
So when I pass away, pray for me

Well I'm already on my knees, so pray for me
And I know we both believe, so pray for me
Tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna pray for you
We can try to save each other, pray for me

Ooooooh, pray for me, you've got to pray for me right now, 
Ooooooh, pray for me, pray and pray and pray
Ooooooh pray for me, won't you pray every day
Ooooooh pray for me, you've got to pray, my sweet angel
Ooooooh pray for me, pray every morning
Ooooooh pray every evening, pray for me
Woah that's not praying, pray for me
Pray every day