Forget about her eyes
That dance around
Like diamonds in the night

Forget about her hair
That cascades like a fountain
In the moonlight

And don't think of her sweet lips
That leave me just as drunk
As any wine

Though her body is immortal
I love her mind

She always thinks of new ways
To take from the heat into the fire

Oh, it's Heaven when your lover knows
All your desire

And when I'm lying there beside her
In the afterglow of love, I feel so fine
And if I have to name my favorite place
I love her mind

Just when I think I've figured her out
She comes up with a new game
Something she made up
In that pretty head

And when I can no longer hold out
And I melt in there in her flame
She takes my hand and leads to
That feather bed, oh, that bed

Poets always dwell on
All the things that can be seen
From her nose to her toes
And everything between

I'll admit that
I'm a slave to her beauty
Let me say it two more times
The way she uses it to love me
I love her mind

Because she uses it to love me
I love her mind