Strange feeling I have... very different
Tension is all around us
I can feel the energy in the room
You feel it too, don't you?
We're sitting here, and both of us are thinking the same thing
And we want the same, identical thing
Because we both need the same thing
And we can have it, if you share
(I want your love)
Share your love with me, I give good love
The kind of love, that a woman like you must have
So please... share

A few times I know in my life
I made that cause, oh love
I'm no stranger to love
I thought I had befriended all [?]
Then something happened

Life is just from one kiss
We know, it don't mean no better
Let's take our time, blowing each other's mind
We can do it baby, if we try

Share (your love with me)
Baby, I'm here waiting for you
(I've lost your love)
We can make it all night
It's gonna be all right

Share (your love with me)
I can love you gently
Or any way you want me to
(I need your love)
Baby, love is waiting

This time I know we can make it
'Cause we learned what this is all about
And together, we'll know how to work it out
Read my lips: love will catch us, if we slip

We can take this fire, and turn it to rain
We can make our world into anything
We've got all the space and time
To blow each other's mind
We can't afford to let this chance go by

Share all of you with me
I wanna touch you from the inside, howlin' from the outside
To ease you, baby, to... to please you
Share yourself

Share (your love with me)
Baby, I'm waiting for you
(I want your love)
We can make it all night
It's gonna be all right

My favorite color I see: your blue panties
They look so good on you, come here
You're so soft
(All night, it's gonna be all right)
I love to touch you this way, and...
Handle you this way
I love it
(All night, it's gonna be alright)
You're sharing all of this with me
Your hair is so beautiful
(All night, it's all right)
Mmm, you'll see
(All night, it's all right)