What I wouldn't give, just to live one night with you
Sometimes people are misunderstood, their intentions, their feelings...
And I don't want you to misunderstand or misinterpret what I'm saying and feeling about you
Sometimes a man can believe in his heart, and he's felt everything that it is to feel
And then someone comes along, and this makes all of that so untrue

Lately, I've been thinking
Just how much you and I
Could spend the whole night through
Dancing away, and watching you smile
Enjoying all of each other's company, yeah

I've sent you (yeah) dozens of roses
Sitting with the gentle breeze [?]
That's sweet as your perfume
Sitting and talking
Our hands will touch, and love will start to bloom

Ooh, you feel it too
All I want is you...

I'm ready for love
This time I'm going to try
For love, I know I'm gonna make it
For your love
I swear this love will never die
Yeah yeah, never die, yeah

I'm ready for love (mm...)
But this time I found the friend
With your love, I know I'll make it through the end
Ready for love, but only if it's you and I
Oh my, oh my...
You and I, you and I, you and I

Oh, I've heard so many stories
I've learned the games, like foolish people do
I've played the part, and broke some hearts
But in the end, I'd wind up losing too

I'm waiting (yeah!), so don't fight the feeling
Let your whole heart take control
And give your love to me
Hope that it's all right
And we'll make love in perfect harmony

Ooh, you feel it too
And let's make it all come true...

I'm ready for love (hey)
This time I'm gonna try (oh yeah)
I'm ready for love, I know that I can make it
I'm ready for your love
I swear this love will never die

I know that well, and you can tell
I'm ready, but this time I found a friend
Ready, I know I'll make it through the end
Ready, only if it's you, you and I, I...
Ready, can't you feel the fire?
Yeah we're ready, I know we're gonna take it higher...