"As I look back on the days that's gone by, I can't help but to think:
"What would I have done different than I did at that time?"
And you know, what conclusion I come to is...
The conclusion I come to is: I would've done it just like I did it
There was days of joy, and happiness, and sadness, and madness...
The normal, the normal way of life
And as I, as I sit here reminiscing through my years, I...
Can't help but to feel a little sad inside
Because those days are gone, forever and ever, and ever, and ever..."

Yesterday we were so unafraid
But now we need some time to slip away
As we drift in our memories of all the joys and tears
Tasting vintage wine of early years

We sit and watch our life go passing by
And remember things we did, and wonder why
Looking through the misty clouds at days we had no fears
But that was long ago in early years

Time has gone by
Time from our lives
Those early years of time, gone by
Those early years, gone from our lives

From our lives, from our lives, our lives...
Well, well, well...

To appreciate your life, one has to know
Know the things it takes to keep your heart aglow
Keep your mind refreshed with thoughts of things we hold so near
Treasures from our lives in early years