I never thought I'd fall again least not like this
With a giggle and a hug and a tickle and a kiss
It's hard to think I'd let myself be captured by your charms
In the middle of a snowstorm I'm melting in your arms

Your brown eyes burn with a glistenin' fire
That spells my name in embers that sparkle with desire
I could see myself with you just sittin' in a chair
The dreams in your eyes light the curls in your hair

The days I spend with you seem to slide right by
You're my sweet honey bee and the apple of my eye
Though I thought it would lessen and I'd soon tire
Instead of letting go, I'm climbing higher and higher

Though the worlds too crazy, it might never come true
Before I give up, I'm gonna fight for you
My heart beats fast and my face is all flushed
I'll marry you tomorrow, I don't wanna seem rushed