My Daddy said, "Wash your face
Wash your face, Wash your face."
My Daddy said, " Wash your face and out your toys away."

And I said, "Tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow,"
I said, " Tomorrow, I'll do it then."

Then my Mommy said, "Clean your room
Clean your room, clean your room."
My Mommy said, " Clean your room and make your bed

My Unle said, "Eat Your Food
Eat Your Food, eat your food."
My Uncle said, " Eat your food and brush your teeth."

My Grandpa said, "Take a bath
Take a bath, take a bath."
My Grandpa said, "Take a bath and change your socks."

Then my Grandma said, "Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake, chocolate cake"
My Grandma said, "Chocolate cake and ice cream, too."

But they all said, "Tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow,"
" They all said tomorrow
You'll get it then!"