I am a fierce and ferocious beast
Though I'm sure you cannot tell
I take my pills and medicine
'Cause I don't feel so well
My head is stuffed, my nose it runs
It hurts my throat to speak;
I'm a brontosaurus with bronchitis
I've been like this for a week

I'm acting rather civilized
But it's not that I've been tamed
I can't go romping with my friends
'Cause my throat is all inflamed

They say I look emaciated
(That means I've gotten thin)
Mom feeds me tea with lemon
Grandpa drops the nose drops in

Grandma makes Cro-Magnon soup
Dad give me vitamin C
Mom gives me lots of orange juice
And lets me watch TV
All covered up in a fevered sweat
My throat and chest both hurt
But I get to watch The Flintstones
And have jello for desert