'do you know why God hates fags
and why we always hang our flag
completely upside down
we are Christians and are concerned
about state protection of the perverse
their filth really astounds us
the assault on our traditions
of family, God and law
makes us sick to the bone
just like Sodom and Gomorrah
got the wrath of God
fags won't ever be condoned'

'you better turn!
turn from your evil ways, turn!

he will call His sheep
he won't call the children of the devil
he will call His sheep
he will call us because we're

the Westboro Baptist Church
we preach things that really hurt
like thank god, thank you for aids
and that for all fags hell awaits'

well f**k you Westf**k and f**k your church
an infiltration of gays will lure
around the corner and in your ranks
better start shitting your pants
because they wont' wear masks

'Sodom was destroyed by God
and at the recurring days of Lot
he would return
well those days have finally come now
and God's only son
will make sure that you burn
modern day Pharisees

you look away
from all that is the truth
get that grin of your face'

let me ponder
about you weirdos
your urge to go back to times that are long gone
today there's pride
and you're just so scared
you bunch of bigots
how petty can you get