It's so nice to see you, baby
I heard that you were asking about me
That's so funny, 'cause I was asking about you
Let's get away from the stormy weather
Somewhere that nobody will ever know our face
You look so beautiful
Don't you ever change a thing

A sudden revelation
It might sound crazy but maybe
Let's take a vacation

Cancel all of your plans, girl
We're going somewhere tropical
I promise I will take care, girl
'Cause it might seem illogical

No one can interrupt us when the sun comes up
'Cause all the 9 to 5's are working
Swimming the coral reef, making love on the beach
Oh, girl, I wanna spend the summer with you

Ain't it nice in the sunshine, baby?
The ocean looks a million mirrors of your love
And I must say that I'm happy that you're here
It's ok, you don't have to speak 'cause I'm
Really digging on you
And I hope I don't wake up
Summer dreams eternally