Caught up in this crazy, crazy dream
Tryin' to fit in to this music scene
'Cause I don't wanna be no 9 to 5
Just sleepin' and workin' all the time
And what good is work without play?
And all they ever do is try to say

Turn Around, 
Don't make a sound
Get back in line, 
You're not my kind

All long, long way to get back home
Let's hitch a ride and take our time
And when we get there, 
Will we know?
Will we get by?
And it's all the same to me

Writin' these songs, yeah, you try to be the next big thing
Keep playin' the shows, yeah, sometimes it feels for nothing
The strugglin' is wearin' down my mind
Just sleepin' and workin' all the time
Got dues to pay so I can play
So I can get away when they all say...