Stay away
Don’t stand in my way
Or else, a bitter blow
Now’s the time for turning back
To the road you’ve come, objection?

Now you see
Striding over the line makes misery
Victory may not bring
A feeling of satisfaction

Those driven by desire
Will drown in a heavy rain

Get down ’n down to the ground
And around
To be reborn all over again
Let go your fear of losing your pride
Got to decide

Get burned ’n burned too much
To endure
In time of trial, carry on
No pain, no gain, that is rule of life
Got to break away

Changing the destiny

Shades of grey
What is there to say?
Just make up your mind
Judgement day is
’Round the corner
Keep working ’cuz

Those driven by delusion
Will drown in a heavy rain