I don't mind
I made this decision
so we 
could never grow

Would never grow

I can see
hidden evidence 
that she 

Could never show
Should never show


You never show
You never grow

I spent the entire last month
thinking of ways to scalp my head
and impress you with the way I speak

I don't mind if we're alone
as long as we are both alone

and by that I mean you can't speak with anything
about me

You and me
forever still 
mourning disease

We never grow (2x)

After white
I'm resurrected in the swine

It's never known (2x)
Left alone (2x)

I spent my entire past life
thinking of ways to wake the dead and
Repress the anger in my speech

Cause when you're old
You'll let it go, let it go, let it go

Don't let the skin graft on your soul

Just so you know (4x)