You tell me that your leaving 
To get on with your life 
You're tired of excuses 
Disconnecting telephone lines 
You say there's other reasons 
But you don't want to waste you time 
You said if I'd ever listened 
It would be the very first time 

You say you've been grieving 
For quite some time now 
Wrestling insecurity, for that 
You say the blame is mine 
Why now? You have now answer 
You just feel the time has come 
You're not listening to anything 
You're not stopping for anyone 

Don't hold back 
Lay it on the line 
Give me every tiny reason 
You've spurned this love of mine 
Cause I can't understand 
Why this is the end 
Don't go before you make it plain 
What you think I lack 
Don't hold back 

Tell me how you think you can do this 
After all that we've been through 
Knowing you're the only reason 
For all the things I do 
Would life have any meaning 
If it wasn't spent with you 
Before you go can you tell me 
Have you really thought this through 


Not on account of me 

You can't just leave it here 
You only gotta make it clear 

If only I knew 
There might be something I could do