Whoo-OOOOH! (Yeahhh-ahhhh)
Yeah (dah dah dah) gotta have some fun now
(Gotta have some fun)
This is that hypnotic

You know, that I know
That his flow, is so-so
And I ain't sayin I'm a player
But I'm a man with mo' class
And I ain't tryin to be no hater
But he ain't got no cash

You know he hustle, so he's trouble
All he see is he can free fuck you, feed you junk food
It's just that kiddie shit that punks do, the one two
Down at the hotel they humped and dumped you
Minors I know well, you somethin to run through
Vagina is wholesale, ain't nothin but young dudes
Bottle here, bottle over there
Lou bracelet, bings and things bling in they ear but stare
Boys footwear, jeans hundred a pair
With me, that's not a person you really wanna compare
Came from it, stunt it, done it for years
Drained from it, got a stomach from there
I do better, investin a little cheddar
And on linen resortin in swimming pool weather
So come with me, have some fun with me
So I can let more than just the sun hit me

Large the minimum, spar with Rakim and them
The God, in jailyards, I'm way larger than Eminem
Love to the East coast, cop the 12 with the seats coached
Keep close, there's more to it than just a mink coat
So act right and move up the list
And if you eatin red meat, switch up to fish
Your jeans got nice fit, your ass the right width
All you need is a villa, Marquis and the white six
And that can happen 'fore the month is out
I can see you up in Manhattan, jumpin out
Tits is perked and your cake is fat
The Ace is back, and haters need to face the facts
There's no snow but Santa is near
The hammers is here, the princess and the band is clear
You been around but no one like me
A John Singleton, young Spike Lee, I'll make ya famous

So it's now or never, let's pow wow, whatever
Beach house, eat out, fly down together
Either that or I leave now if it's better
Why beat around the lecture be the clown that sweats ya
I'm just tryin to hear the sounds selector
Have you lounge with Dexter, get from 'round them stressers
Here's your chance to Aladdin on the lamp
Loser or the champ the Franklins or the food stamps
Talk to me