Hidden behind on the internet anonymity 
A perfect place where to unleash my cannibalistic wish 
Through a delirious post written on a website?s forum 
I need a voluntary victim, sure there will be one 

Let me taste your flesh 
Let me eat you alive 

To my surprise I received an answer to my crazy ad 
Another man with similar cannibal tendencies 
He was too tired of his misunderstood life 
Was going to sell it all and meet me for the final gory feast 

In the dining-room 
Sit down for the binge 
I already cooked 
Some parts of his leg 

An ear... 
His fingers... 
His dick... 
After we ate it all 
He pronounced a wish 
Ye wanted me to eat 
The rest of his body 

So I gave him death with deep cuts on his neck 
Then I did cut his body off into pieces for the fridge 
So then I?ll have meat enough to satisfy my hunger 
I videotaped everything so I could later masturbate with it 

Let me taste your flesh 
Let me eat you alive