Cold cadavers open wide 
In the dissecting stretcher with rigid factions 
Eviscerating limbs nearly petrified 
Reeking viscous fluids in livid putrefaction 

But to avoid these nauseous odours 
The only way is a living autopsy 
Getting high patients with perfect health 
Flesh palpitating organs to extract 

Bright kidneys, spongy pulmons, dense liver 
Juicy spleen, red meaty heart 
Hot pancreas, slimy stomach, gooey urethra 
Relaxed backbone, twisted intestine 

4 n sick 

To get a perfect unknown candidate 
It had to be a worthless homeless without any family 

Male or female any sex was fine 
Nobody will miss a piece of white trash in his society 

It was weary to work with corpses 
To improve a promising forensic career 
Extracting living innards is the biggest experience 
It can?t be compared, it?s pure gore 

4 n sick